Welcome to 100 Days Of Kubernetes!

100 Days of Kubernetes is the challenge in which we aim to learn something new related to Kubernetes each day across 100 Days!!!

You Can Learn Anything

A lot of times it is just about finding the right resources and the right learning path.

What can you find in this book

This book provides a list of resources from across the cloud native space to learn about and master Kubernetes. Whether you are just getting started with Kubernetes or you are already using Kubernetes, I am sure that you will find a way to use the resources or contribute :)

Just a note of caution

The notes in this book depend on the community to improve and become accurate. Everything detailed so far is someone's personal understanding at each point in time learning about the respective topics.

Help us improve the notes.

100 Days Of Kubernetes

So what is this challenge all about? The idea (and credit) goes to two existing communities :

  1. 100DaysOfCode
  2. 100DaysOfCloud

The idea is that you publicly commit to learning something new. This way, the community can support and motivate you. Every day that you are doing the challenge, just post a tweet highlighting what you learned with the #100DaysOfKubernetes hashtag.

Additionally, creating your own content based on what you are learning can be highly valuable to the community. For example, once you wrote a blog post on Kubernetes ReplicaSets or similar, you could add it to this book.

The goal is to make this a community-driven project.

Where to get started

Fork the example repository We suggest you to fork the journey repository. Every day that you work on the challenge, you can make changes to the repository to detail what you have been up to. The progress will then be tracked on your GitHub.

Tweet about your progress Share your learnings and progress with the #100DaysOfKubernetes on Twitter.

Join the community We have a channel in this Discord channel -- come say hi, ask questions, and contribute!


You can find more information on contributions in the README of this GitHub repository.

Structure of the book

The book is divided into several higher-level topics. Each topic has several sub-topics that are individual pages or chapters.

Those chapters have a similar structure:


The title of the page

100Days Resources

This section highlights a list of community resources specific to the topics that is introduced. Additionally, this is where you can include your own content, videos and blog articles, from your 100DaysOfKubernetes challenge.

Learning Resources

A list of related learning resources. Different to '100Days Resources', these do not have to be specific to 100DaysOfKubernetes.

Example Notes

This section provides an introduction to the topics. The goal is to advance each topics over time. When you are first time learning about a topic, it is usually best to take your own notes but sometimes having a starting point and examples is helpful.

List of Example Notes by the Community